Tahoma French Bulldogs

About Us

Since 1983, we have been showing and occasionally breeding French Bulldogs. We have always handled our own dogs in the show ring, with numerous group wins and championship titles on dogs that we have bred.

We started in Cleveland, Ohio, under the kennel name Jeepers. Our first Frenchie, Cloudwalk's Renegade, or Gader, finished his AKC Championship at the age of 10 months. We soon acquired a second Frenchie and finished her as well. We finished 2 other Frenchies in the early years and produced one litter.

In 1995 we moved to Seattle with two Frenchies, who passed away from old age not long after that. We found ourselves with no dogs for the first time since the 1970's. We started over with the kennel name Tahoma. Our first new dog, Tahoma's Burntwood, or Woody, soon finished his American and Canadian championships. He was joined by Wanda. A puppy from their second litter, Jack, won a Non-Sporting Group 1 while he was still a puppy. Soon after his win, he and a sister were diagnosed with juvenile cataracts. We spayed and neutered the parents, and collected DNA swabs from the parents and offspring for a genetic researcher. The good news is that this genetic information helped lead to the DNA test for juvenile cataracts in Frenchies that is available today.

In 1999 we started over one last time, with Tidewater's Phoenix at Tahoma. We have been very successful with our current line. Phoenix and her half-sister Gertie have produced several litters of beautiful children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Phoenix' son Maxx had numerous Non-Sporting Group wins and was ranked as the number 12 Frenchie in the country at the height of his career.