Gertie gave birth to four beautiful brindle puppies on November 2, 2005.

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Week 0

Our girl Gertie was bred to the Italian stud Enzo...

...and Gertie is very pregnant!

Week 1

Gertie gave birth this morning, November 2, to four healthy brindle puppies.
These photos were taken in the incubator when the pups were less than 10 minutes old.
There are two boys and two girls ranging in weight from 9.4 to 10.4 ounces.

Gertie and pups came home a few hours later.
The pups are having no problems nursing,
and Gertie is settling into motherhood nicely.

The puppies eat a lot, and they sleep a lot. Gertie is looking much perkier.

The boys enjoy a delicious lunch.

The puppies' toenails are starting to grow.

A slightly wary Gertie poses with one of her girls, who's just finishing a yawn.
The puppies, one week old tonight, now weigh 17.4 to 19.0 ounces,
nearly double their birth weight.

Week 2

Still no eyes open, but we're watching carefully.

Sound asleep with bellies full of milk.


What's that bright light? I can SEE!!
(Three out of four puppies now have their eyes open.)

As the puppies approach two weeks of age, they are approaching two pounds in weight.
Gertie continues to be an excellent mother.

Week 3

The two girls at age 2 weeks.
This morning, the girl on the left let out the first
bark and growl we've heard from the litter.

The two boys at age 2 weeks.

Total contentment.

The puppies don't do too much other than eat and sleep at this stage.
They're just starting to stand up and look around at things.
Watch for pictures with more activity in the coming days.

What a change in the last two days. The puppies are much more aware of
their surroundings and are beginning to play with each other.


Yawn! Nap's over.

Sigh. When's lunch?

Week 4

The puppies are three weeks old today. They're starting to recognize
voices and other sounds. A sleeping pile of puppies comes alive
when one of us enters the room.

Thanksgiving dinner for the puppies.
(Or: "What? What are you looking at?")

The puppies have become quite active and use their
paws and their mouths to play with each other.

The puppies are up on all fours and walking somewhat unsteadily, but getting better at it every day.

Playtime again! The puppies typically play for about 5 minutes and then curl up and go back to sleep.

Four Week Portraits

The puppies were four weeks old on Wednesday. We've decided on names
(for now, anyway!) that relate to their beautiful brindle coats.


Mezza Luna (Crescent Moon) - "Luna"


Sera Bella (Beautiful Evening) - "Sera"

Ombra del Toro (Shadow of the Bull) - "Toro"

Oro Nero (Black Gold) - "Nero"

Week 5

What a difference a day makes! Luna had one ear up last night,
and this morning they were both up. The ears will probably go
up and down over the next 2-3 weeks as they develop more.

Luna, Nero, Sera and Toro.

We started weaning the puppies a few days ago.
They are gradually moving over to puppy food soaked in warm water
as Gertie is spending more time away from the puppies.

Week 6

Nero, Toro, Sera and Luna from behind.

[spank, spank] "Get 'em away! These puppies are getting too big to nurse!"

Sera has one ear up all the time, and occasionally the second ear goes up.

Just Luna.

Nero, Luna, Toro and Sera, 6 weeks old.


Here's Nero, the first of the puppy portraits
we'll be featuring this week.

Here's Toro, the second of the portraits of the four puppies we're posting this week.
Toro was feeling a little unsure in the strange surroundings we'd set up for the portrait.

Sera is our third puppy portrait of the week.

Luna, our final puppy portrait for the week. 

Nero and Luna play tug of war with a shoe lace.

Good morning!
About the only time to get a picture of all four
puppies standing still is right after they wake up.
They're 9-1/2 weeks old and full of energy.

Like pirhanas, the puppies anxiously await
their next meal.


On Saturday, the first of the puppies moved on to a new home.
We'll miss you, Sera!

Fragile - this side up!

Twelve week portraits





Nero has gone to his new home on Vancouver Island.
We look forward to seeing him in the show ring later this year!

A very windy day in Seattle blew down lots of sticks to play with in the yard.
Gertie plays tug of war with her puppies Luna and Toro.

Wynnie (formerly Sera) is obviously enjoying her new home!

Me and my shadow.
(The puppies are enjoying the first week of sunshine
they've seen in their entire lives!)

Toro and Luna, at 14 weeks old, are doing great with leash training.


Luna practices her "good stand".


Toro's lookin' good.

Nero is enjoying his new home on Vancouver Island in Canada.

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