Phoenix - Teren Puppies
Born January 1, 2004

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An ultrasound from day 33. You can see one puppy clearly near the top left.

Phoenix on day 60. Got milk?

Age: 2 hours
Phoenix gave birth to three beautiful, healthy puppies last night, two boys and a girl.
The girl is on the right. So far, she's the biggest and the noisiest.
Phoenix is still a little groggy but doing just fine.

Phoenix is proving to a natural when it comes to motherhood.
The puppies are nice and healthy. Their birth weights were 7.5, 8 and 9 ounces.

A short video clip (124K) of one of the puppies nursing.
You will need QuickTime to view the clip.

That's one chubby little boy!

Baby's first milk mustache.

Taking a break from nursing.

The puppies are one week old today, and they're already doubled in weight.
Big boy: 20 ounces
Girl: 16 ounces
Little boy: 16 ounces

Day 11: All eyes are open. Now we can see what we're eating!

Good morning!

I'm the cutest...

No, I'M the cutest...

No, dangit, I'M the cutest!

Doing what puppies do best.

As the puppies reach 3 -1/2 weeks old, they are beginning to sit up and walk around.
Jaxon - the smallest birth-weight puppy seems to be the first to really be best at getting around the pen.
He weighs 2-3/4 pounds - the others are a chubby 3 pounds! Everyone is healthy and developing nicely.

Roxie, Maxx and Dexter, four weeks old.

Maxx and Roxie playing. Grrrrrr!

Dexter's ears are sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes halfway in between.
Maxx's and Roxie's ears are occasionally up, too.

Maxx says, "FEEEEED MEEEE!"

Caption Contest Results

Here are a few of the many captions we received over the last few days:

Butt, Butt, Butt...

I don't want to end-up like them.

99, 100, ready or not here I come!

I'm so cute and there ain't no butts about it!!

Hurry!! I hear footsteps!!

Would someone puuuuuleeeeez get some air freshener in here???!!!


Six Week Portraits




Roxie, Maxx and Dexter.
Seven weeks old, and 5-3/4 ears up.

Totally content.

Eight weeks old and we're very, very good...
(Maxx, Roxie, and Dexter)

...but sometimes we sit in the corner like we've been very bad.
(Dexter, Roxie, and Maxx)

Roxie, Phoenix, Maxx, and Dexter on the front steps.
This is the first week the puppies have gone outdoors.
Roxie and Dexter have already learned to climb up the steps!

The Puppies Head Out to Their New Homes

Roxie's collecting her toys for
the trip to her new home this week.

Dexter says,
"I'm gonna miss you guys!"

Maxx says,
"I ain't goin' anywhere!"

Roxie greets her new owner, Jeff.

Otto, aka Dexter, settles right in with his new owner, Kira.

Maxx cuddles with his Mom Phoenix.

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