Pictures of the Week 2005

We're taking a break from the puppy photos today to wish you a Merry Christmas from
the rest of the Tahoma gang: Phoenix, Maxx, Woody and Gertie.

And for those of you who think we have perfectly behaved dogs who just sit around and
pose for the camera, here's an outtake from the above shot. Nosy Phoenix is examining
Gertie's "nursing facilities", Maxx is displeased that he's not the center of attention,
Gertie is her usual perpetually cheerful self, and Woody is sneezing.

 Our Maxx took Best of Breed out of
an entry of 20 Frenchies at Monroe, WA,
on both Saturday, November 19, and Sunday November 20.
A big thanks to judges Betsy Dale & Loraine Boutwell!

October Frenchie Walk - Bull-o-ween!

About 30 Frenchies and their owners huddled under a tree in Seattle's Volunteer Park
for our October Frenchie costume walk. Everyone seemed to have a great time
despite the rainy, misty weather. Click here to view additional photos.

FBDCA Nationals 2005

The very last event at nationals was our brace, Maxx and Phoenix.

Click here for lots of photos from the national specialty.


Big bed, little Wanda.

Ashland, Oregon shows

Maxx and Phoenix, about to be lifted off the table.
Phoenix sure looks a lot happier than Maxx...

Heading around the ring for Best Brace in Show. They won!

Maxx struts his stuff in the Non-Sporting Group ring.

The dogs really enjoy being on the road.

Almost Sold Out!

If you're in the Seattle area and would
like to order a puzzle, please contact us.
We have just three puzzles left.
Others, please order directly from the
Northern California French Bulldog Club
by clicking here.

August French Bulldog Walk

About 18 Frenchies and their owners showed up for a short-notice walk
at Seward Park on Sunday, including someone who just happened to be
walking by with her two Frenchies and knew nothing about the walks.
A nice breeze and an occasional dip in the water kept the dogs cool.
More pictures have been posted. Click here to view them.

Also, please help us identify any unnamed dogs in our photos.
Drop us a note with the dog's name and the photo number,
and we'll update the web site accordingly.


At the Olympic Kennel Club shows in Enumclaw, WA, this weekend, Maxx and Phoenix took a Non-Sporting Group I over several other braces.


Wanda watches the sun rise on a hot summer day.

It was a busy day at the off-leash area,
but Gertie had only one thing on her mind.


On a sunny day, Maxx, Phoenix and Gertie enjoy the warm leather sofa.


July French Bulldog Walk photos posted

About 30 Frenchies showed attended our July 2005 Seattle French Bulldog Walk
at Robinswood Park in Bellevue. Lots of new dogs this month! Click here to see lots of additional photos.


Anticipation: at a show this spring, Phoenix waits in the car for Dale to return.


Yes, we do something other than raise French Bulldogs!
We enjoyed a dog-free trip to Mount Rainier this weekend.
The wildflowers around the Paradise visitor center were spectacular.


While the other dogs run and hide from the July 4 fireworks, Wanda holds her head high.


MAXX and WOODY as they appear in the current issue of MODERNDOG Magazine !

Check out for more info.

A sad note - the passing of our cat VANNA (1991 - 2005) See the recent photo of her below.



Maxx and Phoenix got their fifth and sixth Best in Show Brace wins this weekend in Canada
competing against Basenjis (shown above), Australian Shepherds, Shih Tzus,
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Scottish Terriers,
and Pomeranians (which won on Friday).

Vanna and Wanda have similar goals in life.

A dozen Frenchies and their owners ignnored the rainy forecast and joined us at Green Lake
for the May 15 Frenchie Walk. Fortunately, the weather cooperated.

Our June walk will be at Lincoln Park in West Seattle. Stay tuned for details.

Wanda re-enters the picture:

Woody's old girlfriend
Wanda is back with us
for a few weeks.



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