Pictures of the Week 2005

MAXX (age 16 months) won Best of Breed over two group-winning specials at Yakima WA show on Sunday, May 1.
His show history ad will be appearing in the next issue of JustFRENCHIES magazine.

Maestro (on right) is having a good week. Yesterday he won a Non-Sporting Group II in Lewiston, Idaho,
and today he met his first girlfriend, our girl Phoenix!


Last week, Woody and Maxx modeled for Modern Dog magazine, due out in June.



Maxx and Phoenix won BEST BRACE IN SHOW on Friday at the
Renaissance Dog Association show in Chilliwack, BC.
Congratulations also to Maestro for finishing his AKC Championship this weekend,
and Maxx's half-brother Max for getting his first major.


A dozen Frenchies braved the rain, wind and cold at our April French Bulldog walk.
Many actually walked quite a ways around Seward Park!
In true Seattle form, the sun came out an hour after the walk ended.

To see pictures from past walks, click here.


Maxx picked up the final point for his AKC Championship Sunday, March 27, from judge Roger Pritchard!
Congratulations also go out to Porsche, Maxx's half-sister, who finished Sunday as well,
Maestro, who took Best of Breed from the classes Saturday, and Ozzie, who
took Best of Breed Sunday.

The signs of Kitsap County

It takes a lot to make us laugh at 7 a.m. on a rainy Easter Sunday, but we found ourselves laughing
out loud at some of the signs we saw on the drive to the show site in Silverdale. Here are a few of the highlights.

Mr. Potato Head's favorite hangout.

This was across the street from Toys Topless.
No comment.

Finally! A store where we can buy mattresses AND dirt bikes.
I wonder if they're free-range mattresses.

Last but not least: This is one of the buildings at the
Kitsap County Fairgrounds. It was Maxx's favorite sign.


The whole gang - Maxx, Gertie, Phoenix and Woody - wait to greet us at the back door.


Photos from the March 2005 Frenchie Walk have been posted.
Click here to view them.


MAXX won Winners Dog on Saturday at the Seattle Kennel Club shows
for his third 3-point major. He now needs just a single point to finish.

Congratulations to Matthew and Jeff's MIGNON for her two big wins --
Winners Bitch and Best of Winners both days, sharing the WD's majors!

MAXX was also Best Bred-By Exhibitor's winner and got a
Group Three in the Non-Sporting Bred-By Group.

Congratulations (and Happy Birthday) to Mike and Nancy's
MAESTRO for his Winners Dog win on Sunday, and his
third Major. He just needs 4 points to finish.


This weekend in Cloverdale, BC, Maxx won two Best of Breeds,
and Maxx and Phoenix won two Best Brace in Show!


Maxx and Phoenix are practicing for upcoming shows in Canada where they will be shown as a brace.


Woody had a small mast cell tumor removed from his leg today, February 8.


Robinswood Offleash Park, Bellevue, WA

Woody and Maxx waste no time getting in on the action.

Maxx keeps up with the big dogs.

Gertie chases Maxx.

Woody makes a friend.

Phoenix at full throttle.

Woody and Maxx find something interesting. So does Woody's friend.

Maxx on the move.

Phoenix and Gertie head off to find new friends.

Gertie returns with a DISGUSTING tennis ball!


Maxx and Woody enjoy a sunny day at Seward Park in Seattle.


Maxx's father Teren (left) won Best of Breed over several other
specials at the Puyallup show on Saturday, January 15.
Teren's son (Maxx's half brother) Kohl (right) won Winner's Dog for a 4 point major,
and Teren's daughter (Maxx's half sister) Porsche took Winner's Bitch.
Congratulations to Rod and Tina Brown of Mirabeau Kennels on their successful weekend!


Caught in the act! Phoenix occasionally sits on top of the sofa, using the adjacent cushion as a backrest, and
enjoys the view out the window. Her expression says she's not sure if she's being a bad girl or a good girl!

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