Pictures of the Week 2004

Woody, 8 years old, looks back fondly on 2004,
a year in which he once again left his mark
on many trees, sign posts and fire hydrants.


Maxx says, "Merry Maxxxxxmas!"


This TV show is so boring!
Can you please change the channel to Animal Planet?


Gertie, 18 months old.


"Please buy us more beds!"
(Actually, they have lots of beds. They just all want to be in the same bed at the same time!)


Halloween French Bulldog Walk
Pictures Posted!

25 Frenchies, many in costume, attracted lots of attention at Volunteer Park on Sunday, October 24, 2004.
Click here for pictures.


November 13, 2004 - Maxx got his second major (3 point win)
toward his American championship. Only four more points to go!


October French Bulldog Walk:
Frenchies Unleashed!

About two dozen Frenchies invaded the Robinswood Park off-leash area in Bellevue.

Click here for dozens of additional photos from the October walk.



Maxx had a great weekend in Boise, Idaho, winning his first major
and Best Puppy in Show!


Here's Maxx showing his stuff in the Non-Sporting group ring
at the Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers show in Cloverdale, BC.


September Seattle French Bulldog Walk

Over two dozen Frenchies showed up at Luther Burbank Park on
Mercer Island for the September 12 Frenchie Walk.

Click here for pictures from the September walk!

 Wanda and Woody's puppies from 2000, Jack and Moosie, returned for a visit at the same time!

What do they see?


Maxx did great at a four-show weekend in Castlegar, BC, August 20-22:

First show: Non-Sporting Group 3 and Best in Show Puppy!
Second show: Non-Sporting Group 1 and Best in Show Puppy!
Third show: Non-Sporting Group 3 and Best Non-Sporting Puppy!
Fourth show: Non-Sporting Group 4 and Best Non-Sporting Puppy!


Gertie and Phoenix watch the traffic go by.


The Vancouver Island Circuit -- July 30 - August 8

Best Puppy in Show and Group II under judge Jane Kay

Maxx's second Best Puppy in Show
and another Group II from judge John Ross

Maxx awaits the judge's decision for Best Puppy in Show on Friday. He won!

I'm too cute and I know it!

Maxx moves for judge Eugene Phoa.

I am NOT a pug...

What? Only a Group 4?

Maxx had an unbelievable week on the Vancouver Island show circuit.

Saturday - Best of Breed, Non-Sporting Group II and Best Puppy in Show!
Sunday - Best of Breed, Non-Sporting Group III, Best Non-Sporting Puppy,
& New Canadian Champion on his 7--month birthday!
Monday - Best Non-Sporting Puppy!
Tuesday - Best of Breed and Non-Sporting Group III!
Wednesday - Best of Breed, Non-Sporting Group IV, and Best Non-Sporting Puppy!
Thursday - Best of Breed, Non-Sporting Group II!
Friday - Best of Breed, Non-Sporting Group II, and another Best Puppy in Show!
Saturday - Best of Breed , Non Sporting Group II, and Best Non-Sporting Puppy!
Sunday - Best of Breed, his fifth Non-Sporting Group II, and Best Non-Sporting Puppy!


July Frenchie Walk

More than 20 Frenchies enjoyed a pleasanly cool evening on the waterfront in West Seattle, across from the Seattle skyline.

Click here to view the photos.

If you know the names of any dogs we haven't identified, please email us.


Wanda, who's back with us for an extended visit,
cools off on the steps with her friends at the end of a hot July day.


Currently, Woody's favorite toy is a ball which rattles when he
carries it and continues rattling for several seconds after he sets it down.


Maxx kicked off his American show career last weekend
at the Brush Prairie cluster in Hillsboro, Oregon.

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