Pictures of the Week 2003-2004

Gertie Finishes in Canada with a Group Placement!

Am/Can/intl Champion Tidewater's All Too EZ, aka Gertie, finished in Canada
last weekend with two Best of Breeds over a special and a class dog.
On Saturday she went on to win Best Puppy in Non-Sporting Group, and a Non-Sporting Group 2.
All this at just over 10 months of age!

Gertie Finishes with a 4-point major at Portland!
Ch. Tidewater's All Too EZ

Following on the heels of her 4-point major last weekend, Gertie won another 4-point major this weekend
under Judge Mildred Bryant, completing her AKC Championship title at just 9 months and 1 week of age.
(Thanks to our friend Cindy for snapping this photo from outside the ring.)

Gertie Does Great at Puyallup!


The puppies are doing great, but we had to take a day off to brag about Gertie's success at the Puyallup shows this weekend.
On Friday Gertie took Best of Breed over 5 class dogs and 2 specials from the 6-9 month puppy class for 2 points.
On Saturday she moved up to the 9-12 class and took Winner's Bitch for a 3-point major,
and then Best of Opposite over a bitch special for a 4-point major!
Big thanks to the judges, Mrs. Gloria Mitcham-Geringer and Mrs. Anna Wanner.


Gertie had a blast her first time in the snow.


Our GERTIE ("Tidewater's All too EZ") won BEST OF BREED over two specials --
"Sin Gin (Canada's #1 Frenchie 2002) and "Teren" (father of Phoenix's upcoming litter)
in Canada this past weekend - Judge was Richard Beauchamp from Calif.

She was WB and BOS on the two other show days, for a total of 4 weekend points, under judges
Virginia Lyne (Canada) and Roger Hartinger (Ohio, USA). 

Gertie, age 8 months, now has 7 of 10 needed for her Canadian chanmpionship.



It's official! Phoenix is pregnant! The ultrasound shows three or possibly four puppies.

American-Canadian-International Champion Tidewater's Phoenix at Tahoma
American-Canadian-International Champion Jumeau's Terenado Demirabeau

Phoenix has a Best in Show Puppy win in Canada, finishing with 4 group placements.
Teren has multiple AKC Best of Breeds and group placements,
and was Reserve to Best in Show at a recent International show.

The puppies are due around January 1, and we'll be looking for the best homes for them in March.


An all-out tug of war between Phoenix and Gertie.
The carpet on the left was in the next room when the tugging started!

In Memory of Bridget
Bebops Chateau de Sable
6/20/97 - 11/24/03


Bridget, aka Sable, passed away on Monday due to heart failure.
As short as her life was, it was much longer than we ever imagined it would be.
When she was just a few months old she was diagnosed with a heart murmur and an
enlarged heart that was crowding her lungs. The vet didn't think she'd survive a year.
Perhaps out of sheer stubbornness, Bridget proved them wrong and lived another six years.

Bridget was one of those dogs who was always on the independent side and selective
with her affections. When she kissed you, you felt honored because you knew she meant it.

She spent the last several years living at our friend's house in a quieter environment that wouldn't
stress her heart. Lisa provided a loving home for her, one where she could sleep on the bed at night,
and be groomed by the cats (or chase them if they got too close to her food) by day.

Bridget, we miss you already!

"Sorry, guys, this sofa's full!"
Woody can take up a lot of room when he wants to.


In just one weekend, Gertie earned all three of the certificates for her International Puppy Champion title,
plus she won two Non-Sporting Group I's and a Reserve Best In Show Puppy!


Sold Out: French Bulldogs of Seattle Jigsaw Puzzle!

The French Bulldogs of Seattle jigsaw puzzle has arrived, and it looks great!
The 300-piece, 11x17 puzzle features nearly all of the Frenchies that have come to our
monthly walks. An abbreviated version of the breed standard forms a border around the edge.

All profits from puzzle sales go to the local breed rescue program.

Sorry, we're sold out!


As Gertie (7 months old) matures, she is looking more and more like her half-sister Phoenix (2 years old).


Our 6 month old Gertie did great at the Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers show in Abbottsford, BC.
On Saturday she took Winner's Bitch, earning 3 points toward her Canadian Championship,
and then went on to take Best of Opposite Sex over 3 specials!

Congratulations also to Enzo, a fellow Seattle Frenchie. On Sunday he won
Best of Breed over 9 specials and then took a Non-Sporting Group 4!


Gertie's first show - Boise, Idaho
At the four shows in Boise, Idaho, last weekend, Gertie took
Winner's Bitch three times, and Reserve once, for a total of five points.
All this at just over 6 months of age, on her first weekend in the show ring!

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