Pictures of the Week 2003

Woody's daughter Lucy came back for a visit this weekend.


You're gonna dress me up as WHAT for Halloween?


Walk?!? Did someone say walk?!?

The rain held off just long enough to get a group photo of the 24 Frenchies (and a few close relatives) at our monthly Frenchie Walk.
This month we invaded Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island, a very dog-friendly park with lots of paved walking paths,
an off-leash area, and access to Lake Washington. Quite a few Frenchies took an interest in the water!


Phoenix loves to cuddle.


Gertie enjoys a warm sunbeam on a chilly August morning.


 Am. Ch. Wil's Take It to the Max

We saw this 11 month old puppy at a show a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with him. He was sweet, energetic, mature, and sound, with great movement.

Dale asked Diane, the owner, if he could take Max up to Castlegar, British Columbia, for a four show weekend. We've been to Castlegar the last two years and had a great time. We were very pleased when she said yes.

At the Friday morning show, Max showed what he's capable of. He walked away with a Best in Show Puppy under judge Barbara Watt!

Max is on his way back to California with his owner, who was happy about his win and even happier to see him.

Way to go, Max! We knew you could do it. Hope to travel together again some day.



Phoenix and Gertie team up against Woody in a game of tug of war.
Has Woody finally met his match?


Dane Outreach Club Fun Match - August 3, 2003

Our new little girl "Gertie" went to her first puppy match on Saturday, August 2.
Congratulations to the 10-week-old pointer puppy ahead of her in the last picture, who won Best in Match!

Gertie showed really well, and we see we're going to have a great show dog on our hands
in a couple of months when she's old enough.


Phoenix stays cool by standing in a wading pool on a 90 degree day in Seattle.
It's been a busy month for her, with four Best of Breeds in four shows.

Phoenix and Gertie share a stick.


July 6 French Bulldog Walk - Alki Beach, West Seattle

Around 27 Frenchies showed up for our fourth monthly Seattle French Bulldog Walk.
Check out pictures from all the Frenchie walks here.

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