2001 Pictures of the week

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

I will NOT give up my toy!

Six feet of snow at the cabin.
So much to mark, so little time!


Merry Christmas!

We're excited to add a girl from Tidewater Kennels to our Frenchie family.
Phoenix is sitting front and center, surrounded by her sisters and brothers.
If you are interested in her littermates, contact us and we will forward your message.




Play with the ball? Stay warm by the heater? I can't decide!


Wanda, mother of Jack, enjoys a sunny spot after a week of heavy rain.


Woody enjoys a well-deserved rest after a month of dog shows.


Jack and his dad Woody wait for a walk on a rainy day.
Gotta keep in shape for the Canadian Frenchie Nationals later this week!


Ugh! Our "teenage" son Jack just WEARS US OUT!


RESCUED: Jack shares some of his favorite treats with his new friend Wally.
Wally was dropped off at a local animal shelter this weekend by someone who " just couldn't take care of him any more."
The poor Frenchie was squeezed into a tiny cat carrier, and was emaciated and had mildly infected wrinkles, nose, ears and paws.
But he's such a sweetie! He's very affectionate (and grateful) toward people, and adapted quickly to the presence of other dogs.
Adopted by a friend of ours, he's now in a loving home and seems to be recovering quickly.
He looks like he's from a good breeding and promises to be a happy, healthy little boy in a few months.


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