More 2002 Pictures of the week

Jack is enthralled by a Douglas Squirrel raiding the bird feeder.


Wanda waits for the mailman.


Jack and Ted in a "where's my camera" moment.
Note that we did NOT pose this picture! Jack cuddled up to the teddy bear on his own.




Phoenix says, "Will you be my Valentine?"


Woody always manages to fall asleep before the French Bulldogs come on at Westminster.


There's over 8 feet of snow on the ground at our cabin.

Phoenix thinks it's way cool!


YOU try picking up a squeak toy with one of these things on your head!

(Despite surgery and a cone on his head, Jack continues to be in good spirits.)


Phoenix at 14 weeks.
"I'm practicing my 'good stand'. How do I look?"


Phoenix has already taken over the toys.
Wanda and Jack don't look too happy about it!


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