Tahoma French Bulldogs

Dale Melsness & Rick Rocheleau -- email: dmelsness@aol.com

French Bulldog Club of America
2007 National Specialty Show

Part 1: Getting There

Yeee haaa!
August 31: Today we began our drive to nationals in Denver.
Maxx and Woody are competing. Jaxx is just
excited to come along for the ride.

Max Harder Road
August 31: Maxx says, "hmmm, Max Harder Road. Turn left here!"

Buffalo nursing in Yellowstone
September 1: Buffalo at the side of the road,
a classic Yellowstone sight.

September 2: The Abyss Pool in Yellowstone was probably the
most spectacular thermal feature we saw.

Old Faithful
September 2: Old Faithful, of course.

Dubois Longhorn RV Park
September 2: Our "home on the range" tonight was
Dubois Longhorn RV Park, a lovely spot on the
Wind River in Wyoming.

We're Here!
September 3: We arrived at the host hotel on the outskirts of Denver this evening.
Maxx decided the hotel should change its name.

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