More 2001 Pictures of the week

If it's hot and dry where you are,
maybe this'll cool you off.


Wanda enjoys a quiet moment on the steps,
away from her son Jack.


Bell Vernon Kennel Club,
June 30 and July 1, 2001:

On Saturday, Jack won Best of Breed,
beating 6 other Frenchies.

On Sunday, Jack won Best of Breed
again, beating 7 other Frenchies.

He then went on to win
Non-Sporting Group 1
on Sunday!

Not bad for an 8 month old
handled by the owner-breeder!

Thank you, Judges Mildred Bryant
and William Bergum!

scroll down for a photo...


One of our favorite pictures from last year:

Jack's parents, Woody and Wanda, enjoy a brief
moment of solitude before puppy Twig intervenes.


Lucy is falling asleep standing up after playing with Jack all morning.


HUH ? ? ?


Wanda and a Frenchie cigarette lighter from 1910:
"Come on baby, light my fire."


 Jack's turning out to be a terrific puppy
who's turning lots of heads!

Spokane / Coeur d'Alene weekend:

Non-Sporting Bred-By-Exhibitor Group 2

Winner's Dog, Best of Winners - 2 points

Winner's Dog - 1 point

He now has a total of 6 points!

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